Managing Breakpoints Programmatically

Posted by: Sankar Ramasubbu  As as extension of my earlier post, I am going to show you how to automate the following breakpoint operations: Enable, Disable and Delete. This post assumes that you have downloaded an image to a device and it has booted up completely.  Please refer to Automating the download of a run-time image for details on downloading…

Automating the Breakpoint and Stepping Operations

Posted by: Sankar Ramasubbu   I am going to show you how to automate the operation of setting and deleting breakpoints as well as various stepping operations.   The sample included here will show you how to automate the following operations: 1.  Setting a breakpoint 2.  Deleting all breakpoints 3.  Various Stepping operations(run, step in,…


Introduction: Sankar Ramasubbu

I am a Software Design Engineer in Test at Microsoft. I started at Microsoft in September 2003 and have been with the Platfrom Builder Diagnostics team. I grew up in Chennai, India and moved to Seattle in 1996.