CE6 OAL: What you need to know update

For those of you that enjoyed Sue’s excellent article CE6 OAL: What you need to know, the presentation the article draws from is now posted online at Channel9 here: Porting a CE5.0 BSP to CE6.0. Hopefully we’ll post a similar presentation about porting kernel-mode drivers in the future.

Making parts of Windows CE Device Driver Code Non-Pageable

Posted by Wes Barcalow Following on to Sue’s previous posts describing the paging pool and memory management, I wanted to talk about how drivers can be made pageable for additional virtual memory savings. Windows CE has features to allow for more data and code to be used on a device than the available RAM.  It…



Hello! I joined Microsoft back in 2006 and have lived in the Seattle area nearly all my life. I developed a love of technology at a young age (my father still reminds me about the time I took my remote control car apart and couldn’t put it back together). I followed my passion to college…


Good posts about Windows CE/Mobile Virtual Memory

I didn’t learn about Reed & Steve’s blog until today, but got there by learning about these posts: http://blogs.msdn.com/hegenderfer/archive/2007/08/31/slaying-the-virtual-memory-monster.aspx http://blogs.msdn.com/hegenderfer/archive/2007/10/01/slaying-the-virtual-memory-monster-part-ii.aspx If you have memory issues on CE/Mobile (especially if you already know that they’re virtual memory problems) you may find those useful.  

Paging and the Windows CE Paging Pool

Posted by: Sue Loh I’d like to explain a little more about memory management in Windows CE.  I already explained a bit about paging in Windows CE when I discussed virtual memory.  In short, the OS will delay committing memory as long as possible by only allocating pages on first access (known as demand paging). …


How does Windows Embedded CE 6.0 Start?

Posted by Kurt Kennett, Senior Development Lead, Windows CE OS Core Operating system code, as one of my colleague developers recently realized, is “just code”.  It’s not voodoo and it does not exist on a higher plane of knowledge.  In fact, an operating system kernel is usually remarkably well structured and well designed in comparison…


Adding and removing KITL drivers in x86 BSPs

  Overview Today I want to chat about what it takes to support a new Ethernet chip for download and KITL debugging on an x86 PC-based platform.  We’ll start by talking about how Ethernet drivers are represented in the x86 KITL structure, then we’ll walk through (in a detailed, step-by-step fashion) adding a new driver…


Remote Tools Framework 1.0 Is For Real

Published by Dave Edson  Last year we released a powertoy for the Remote Tools Framework. Now, with the SP1 release, we have released the real product. The Remote Tools Framework allows you to write remote tools (think Remote System Information) quickly and easily. A Remote Tool is now a plug-in, distributed as a .cetool file….


Managing Breakpoints Programmatically

Posted by: Sankar Ramasubbu  As as extension of my earlier post, I am going to show you how to automate the following breakpoint operations: Enable, Disable and Delete. This post assumes that you have downloaded an image to a device and it has booted up completely.  Please refer to Automating the download of a run-time image for details on downloading…