TechEd Preconference for Windows CE

Microsoft TechEd just announced they’ll be holding a preconference session for Windows CE on Sunday, May 10th 2009.  The content will be 300 and 400-level presentations by CE experts, and you’ll get a SPARK kit for registering.  For more information or to register, go here: In case you can’t make it but want to…


ESC Boston presentations available on MSDN

Some CE-related presentations from ESC Boston are now publicly available.  Topics include building a real-time system, the debugger, and the CE build system.  You can find the presentations here: Some of the demos will also be made available as labs that you can do on your own.  I’ll update this post with a link once the…


Porting Drivers to CE6 up on Channel 9

Just a quick note that a detailed presentation about driver porting in CE6 is now available on Channel 9: This presentation was developed by Juggs Ravalia and myself and has been floating around technical conferences (like MEDC) for a couple years.  Now it is finally available online!


When (Not) to Pack Structures

Posted by: Russ Keldorph In my previous post, I talked about how structure packing works.  Now I’d like to talk about when and why it’s commonly used as well as why you may or may not want to use it.  Let me start out by saying that by “structure packing” I’m referring to the use of the /Zp compiler…


BSP Porting Documentation

When I was a developer, and customer, using MSDN in my day-to-day work, I occasionally found myself frustrated by document discoverability. MSDN often had the information I was looking for — sometimes in multiple formats — but finding just what you want in MSDN can be quite a task. We’re working to improve this situation…


Introduction: Jim Causey

I’ve been working as a technical author and editor since 1995.  I’ve worked at Microsoft as a Programming Writer since 2006.  I joined Embedded CE and Windows Mobile developer documentation team at the beginning of 2008, where I’ve worked on documentation for file systems and storage, the kernel, device bring-up, power management, and other Core…



Posted by: Sue Loh Hello out there, it’s been a long time since I posted anything real, and I feel sorry about that.  As I began writing this article, I had just come from the first day of TechEd where I saw my colleagues present about CE6 and drivers, and was reminded of a subject…


Dynamic Initialization of variables

  Hi, I’m Chaitanya Raje and I am a developer on Compiler and Tools team for Windows Mobile and Windows Embedded CE. This is my first blog on msdn. I hope I will be able to share out some insights into new features and commonly known issues about using the compilers and related tools through…


BSP Template now available for CE 6.0 / CE6R2

New sample code called the BSP Template is now available for download.  This code serves two major purposes: 1. Provide a stub version of a BSP that illustrates all required and optional BSP functions. 2. Educate newcomers to CE on the basics of BSPs in an incremental fashion. The BSP Template is compatible with CE6.0…


Windows CE Power Management

Nicolas Besson, one of our MVPs, posted a nice series of articles about power management in Windows CE that I thought I’d bring some attention to: