Making parts of Windows CE Device Driver Code Non-Pageable

Posted by Wes Barcalow Following on to Sue’s previous posts describing the paging pool and memory management, I wanted to talk about how drivers can be made pageable for additional virtual memory savings. Windows CE has features to allow for more data and code to be used on a device than the available RAM.  It…



Hello! I joined Microsoft back in 2006 and have lived in the Seattle area nearly all my life. I developed a love of technology at a young age (my father still reminds me about the time I took my remote control car apart and couldn’t put it back together). I followed my passion to college…


Good posts about Windows CE/Mobile Virtual Memory

I didn’t learn about Reed & Steve’s blog until today, but got there by learning about these posts: If you have memory issues on CE/Mobile (especially if you already know that they’re virtual memory problems) you may find those useful.