Is Platform Builder 5.0 side-by-side compatible with Platform Builder 6.0?

Doug Cook, a member of the Platform Builder team, wrote a post on this topic here:


Comments (4)

  1. Dean Ramsier says:

    Welcome back!  Things have been rather quiet here 🙂

  2. ce_base says:

    Thanks Dean.  Yeah, sigh!  The absence was not intentional.  Just busy…


  3. Sidharth Malhotra says:

    where can i download the Platform Builder 6.0??

    I have just managed to find PB 6.0 Service Pack 1 on the site….but, not the Platform Builder 6.0 itself..

  4. ce_base says:

    Windows Embedded CE 6.0 Evaluation Edition can be downloaded here.


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