Platform Builder 6.0 Service Pack 1

Posted by: Sue Loh 

Hello from MEDC!  I have enjoyed meeting many of you in person in the last couple of days.  🙂

In case you missed the news, the service pack for Platform Builder 6.0 is now available as a web download, at


The main features in the service pack are:

  • eXDI hardware debugging

  • The Remote Tools Framework for building your own remote tools

  • Support for running on Windows Vista

  • A variety of bug fixes

If you want to run on Vista, make sure that in addition to Visual Studio 2005 with Smart Device support, you also have:

Also be aware that for everything to work on Vista, Visual Studio (and many of the remote tools, if you run them separately) must be run as Administrator in order to work.  What I do is right-click on the VS2005 icon in the start menu, and under "compatibility" I check "Run this program as Administrator."  Yeah, it's awful.  It's a requirement of VS2005, not of the Platform Builder tools, and we're doing our best to get the VS team to fix it...


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  1. Jacky Ko says:

    Does this service pack include previous QFEs?

  2. Doug says:

    The sevice pack is for the tools only and does not affect the WINCE600 tree, so it includes no QFEs.

    By the way, Visual Studio and Platform Builder mostly run just fine even if you aren’t an Administrator. This depends greatly on what you are doing with Visual Studio and Platform Builder. For my work, I almost never need to run Visual Studio as an administrator.

    There are certain scenarios where you will definitely need administrator privileges, and this will always be the case (can’t really be fixed). There is some room for improvement in minimizing the privileges required and in making elevation possible without needing to restart Visual Studio.

  3. ken sadahiro says:

    The Remote Tools Framework is also available as a standalone download, in case you have Visual Studio 2005 but don’t have Platform Builder 6.0.   More info on this later…

  4. madsam says:

    in case I don’t have Visual Studio 2005, but do need Platform Builder 6.0…. What can we do? will we have a service pack for that!!

  5. says:

    Platform Builder 6.0 (Windows CE Embedded 6.0) provides Visual Studio 2005 at no additional charge in the box. All customers who have Embedded 6.0 can install VS 2005.

  6. madsam says:

    oh! dear!

    VS is always unfriendly to previous installations.

    PB sometimes do the same things.

    VS+PB is really a mess….

    Can we have an option to keep my workstation decent and clean??

    Can we save some energy for tomorrow?

  7. says:

    You state that VS+PB is a mess. Do you have specifics? Are there install issues you are encountering?

    As per keeping your workstation clean, what are you looking for?

  8. madsam says:

    well, if you read the release note of VS&PB, you will see "warning" about side installation with old versions. google will give more details.

    The install issues are not personal, it’s global.

    BTW, I am an end user of your compilers, not GUI.

    I know GUI is eye-catching, ****Framework are productive.


    Please don’t forget the user of console mode, that’s what I mean clean.

    ps. I really really love to work with ****CE, although I don’t know how to name it!

  9. ken sadahiro says:

    As mentioned above, the standalone version of the Microsoft Remote Tools Framework 1.00 was released along with the Platform Builder 6.0 Service Pack 1.

    This download is for developers and users who do not have Platform Builder but want to:

    • develop a Remote Tools Framework plug-ins (e.g. Windows Mobile application developers)
    • use a Remote Tools Framework plug-in

    You can download it from:

  10. mms_488 says:

    Can anybody tell me:

    Can I use Plateform Builder to develop File system filter in Windows Mobile.

  11. ce_base says:

    From the way you worded your question, most likely you can’t do whatever you’re trying to do.  Only OEMs can apply file system filters to the root file system.  If you are not an OEM, you can create a file system filter, but you’ll have trouble applying it to the root file system of Windows Mobile or any Windows CE device.  Filters on the root must be stored in ROM.  File system filters can be applied to the storage card without being in ROM.


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