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I'm a developer on the Windows Mobile BSP team. I came to Microsoft after graduating with a masters in EECS from the University of Michigan.  During my time at Microsoft I have worked mostly on Texas Instruments, ARM-based BSPs, and am currently working on BSPs for future releases of the Windows CE OS.  If anyone has questions about BSPs feel free to ask!!

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  1. amvyas82 says:

    Hi, I am new to the WinCE environment.

    I would like to know the difference between "Sysgen", "Build and Sysgen", "Build and Sysgen current BSP" options listed under platform builder’s Build OS menu.

    Also, what is "Batch build" under Build OS menu?

  2. ce_base says:

    (Posted by Sha Viswanathan)

    Speaking generally…

    "Sysgen" is equivalent to componentization: Once you have selected items to include in your image from the PB Catalog, you must do a "Sysgen" to filter out components that were unused. If you change your Catalog selections, you’ll need to re-run "Sysgen"

    "Build and Sysgen" is required if you have changed some source code in the public tree (though this is not recommended). To rebuild the modified code, you build and sysgen that code.

    "Build and Sysgen current BSP" is used when you have only changed something in the platform directory. Ideally you will always use this option, and make copies of public code / modify code all within your platform directory.

    Hope this helps.

  3. ce_base says:

    (Posted by Sha Viswanathan)

    I was reminded by a colleague, for future questions of this nature, please try our public newsgroups (microsoft.public.windowsce.platbuilder) so the entire community can benefit from the response. They may already have answers to your questions.

  4. Ashish Vyas says:

    Hi. Thanks a lot for the answer. I have subscribed to the group microsoft.public.windowsce.platbuilder and started using it.

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