What the heck’s a meme? I don’t like chain letters.

Posted by: Sue Loh 

So why am I responding to Mike tagging me?  I don't know.  Mike, haven't you got better things to do during the holidays?  Spend your time eating too much like the rest of us.  🙂  For that matter, haven't I got better things to do right now...?  Yeah, but oh well, what the heck.

  1. I live in Atlanta, Georgia, not in Seattle with the rest of my team.  I was in Seattle for 4 years before my husband got a professorship at Georgia Tech.  I have been working remotely, from home, for over 3 years now.  I like to say that my commute is really tough until I get past the coffee maker.

  2. I am an "army brat."  My father was in the U.S. army so I moved a lot while I was growing up.  I lived in (West) Germany during the early 80s, and as a result the Red Cross won't let me donate blood for fear of mad cow disease.  I lived in Panama during at least a couple of military coups (yeay! no school!), leaving right before the U.S. kicked Manuel Noriega out.  I went to high school on a small military base in the middle of nowhere in Utah, where my graduating class was only 39 students.  I self-taught myself calculus (when I got to college I learned that I mis-pronounced "integral" and "asymptote") and programming.  I have no answer when people ask me where I'm from; I have still never lived anywhere more than 5 years.

  3. The main sports I've participated in are rowing and ice hockey.  I play ice hockey a couple of times a week right now.  I love snowboarding when I get a chance, but there's not much near Atlanta.  In my other free time I read a lot of science fiction and fantasy novels, cook, play Xbox (but not online), and hang out with my husband.

  4. I have survived 3 rollover car accidents with nothing more than a scratch.  (I was only driving in 1 of them.)  I still drive too fast but I'm a little less aggressive now.  I think.

  5. I listen to music constantly while I work, mostly alternative, but a somewhat eclectic collection I think.  If you asked me to pick out my favorite band you wouldn't know about, I'd say 2 Skinnee J's.  I appreciate everything from Pink Floyd to Rage Against the Machine.  My friends make fun of me for singing the guitar and drum instead of the lyrics.

Now I have to decide who to "tag?"  I initially was going to decline but I'll list people and say, "no pressure."  John SpaithMikeCal.  I'd like to know what else Brian Cross does besides WiMo.  Sarah BlowJohnEld.

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