CE6 documentation is now online

Posted by: Sue Loh  It appears that the MSDN online help was revised in the last day or so; my old shortcuts are getting rerouted to new places.  I see that the CE6 docs are now online at http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa924073.aspx. In particular, you may be interested in: Migrating a Windows Embedded CE Driver to Windows Embedded CE…


Marshalling Helper APIs

I am told that our APIs are not part of our documentation.  🙁  I know for sure we documented these, but I’m told there is a documentation update coming soon, so they must only have made it into the update.  My apologies on behalf of Microsoft.  Keep an eye out for update notifications inside Platform…


KITL First.

When I was in college learning C programming, they told us there was a debugger we could use, but I rebelled against it.  I could debug perfectly well with printf() and my wits.  Besides, I was only getting 4 hours of sleep a night; I didn’t have the time to learn how to use it.  Well college…


CE6 OAL: What you need to know

Posted by: Sue Loh This material is drawn from a talk that Travis Hobrla gave at MEDC 2006 (thanks Travis!) and contributed to by the whole Windows CE BSP team. The driver changes that I have already written about the biggest CE6 differences that OEMs would care about.  Much less significant are the CE6 OAL…


Other CE6 blog posts

Posted by: Sue Loh  It seems that Jason Browne, a BSQUARE employee who used to be a co-worker of mine on the CE Kernel team (Hi Jason!), has been blogging about CE6 too.  He has beaten me to posting on a lot of these topics, in fact.  If you don’t want to take my word for…


What’s new in Windows CE Platform Builder’s System Debugger 6.0?

Posted by: Greg Hogdal  Windows CE 6.0 introduces a new kernel with a new virtual memory model – offering a different address space for each process, enabling the support of more than 32,000 simultaneous processes, each with 2GB of VM space. A major effort was to modify the kernel debugger to support this new kernel….


Matt Anfang: Introduction

I’ve lived in the Seattle area for my whole life.  I graduated from the University of Washington in 1996 with a degree in Electrical Engineering.  I started work in Windows CE BSP group in 2004.  Most of my work in the BSP group has been on drivers and power optimization.


Optimizing OEMIdle for lower power consumption

Posted by Matt Anfang   Optimizing OEMIdle is crucial for battery powered devices. While many power saving features on a device (like a backlight timeout) involve the user, power saving on the processor happens completely behind the scenes. OEMIdle() is the OAL entry point called by the kernel when there are no active threads to…


Application Compatibility in Windows CE 6.0

Posted by: Upender Sandadi One of the goals for Windows CE 6.0 design was full backward compatibility at the binary level for ISV applications. We have gone to great lengths to maintain binary level compatibility by:a) Maintaining the same exports from the standard core libraries (for ex: in coredll.dll)b) Maintaining the same API signatures for all the…


CE6 Drivers: What you need to know

Posted by: Sue Loh  One of the biggest concerns people have about the new CE6 release is backward compatibility.  Every release we try very hard to make existing applications, drivers and OALs as compatible as possible.  With CE6 we expect very high compatibility for applications and even OAL code, but unfortunately I can’t say the…