Windows Embedded Student Challenge 2007

Posted by: Sue Loh

You may already know, our WESC competition is now part of the larger Imagine Cup event.  The embedded piece of that event will be very similar to WESC of the past.  The main differences are that there will only be 15 finalists instead of 30, and that finals will be in Korea next year instead of in Redmond!  Registration is already open.  For more information, see

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  1. Kyle Cooper says:

    Eh, I’m not really sure how I feel about this yet. Is Microsoft still going to provide an eBox II to the groups who make the second round?

    I guess this is kind of payback for all the Chinese/Indian teams who were there this summer. We only had to fly 5 hours and they had to fly 14+. I think that is called karma.

  2. ce_base says:

    Yeah, from everything I know, there will be the same number of teams chosen for the second round as in the past, and those teams will be given hardware.  There was some discussion about using different hardware, but I suspect it’ll be eboxII’s again.


  3. Kyle Cooper says:

    Cool. Does this mean the WESC is no longer in tandum with the IEEE’s CSIDC or is it still going to share requirements/theme? You know, I should probably harass Jenny Murphy about these things not you huh? Ha.

    PS- Congrats on CE 6.0s RTM!

  4. ce_base says:

    The shared format with CSIDC will continue.  As I said, the main changes are that there will be only 15 finalists, and that finals will be combined with the Imagine Cup event in Korea instead of held in Redmond.  Beyond that, we’re making small changes to improve things based on feedback we’ve gotten, but there shouldn’t be major changes.

    Overall this should increase the number of competitors, but also improve the infrastructure used to support the event (look for better forums, etc).  To me, the biggest down-side is that the Microsoft employees and finalists don’t get to interact with each other nearly as much.  But for the finalists, the Imagine Cup finals should be a much bigger and more exciting event to attend.

    Actually Lindsay Kane is the primary organizer for WESC.

  5. ce_base says:

    Note: it’s not EboxII after all, but the newer ebox-2300.  And instead of CE5 like last year, you’ll be using CE6.  Also one thing I LOVE is that this year they’re publicly publishing the judging criteria.  I believe this will help people understand exactly what the judges are looking for.  So, see the criteria on  and review my post about writing a good report:

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