Windows CE 6 kernel and driver videos online

Posted by: Sue Loh

Hello all, sorry it has been so long since I've posted any real info.  Thank goodness my teammates are picking up some of the slack.  Have a few posts I hope to get to Real Soon Now.  In the meantime, a quick link.

As Mike Hall just posted, there are a couple of new CE6 videos online. Mike interviewed Bor-Ming Hsieh and I about the CE6 kernel, and Juggs Ravalia talked about the CE6 driver model.


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  1. Cheng Chuan says:

    When actually is the final date for Win CE 6.0 launch from Microsoft? Thanks.

  2. ce_base says:

    As we’ve been telling people since MEDC06: CE6 is due to launch in the last quarter of calendar year 2006.

  3. zhizi says:

     Excuse me, may I ask a question about Internet Explorer using in Windows CE6 Beta? I made a MFC ActivieX, and use REGSVRCE.EXE to register the .ocx file, and it shows success, and then be invoked in test.HTML, but encountered ERROR. It seems that the ActivieX have not be regisitered actually. I don’t why, Could you help me please?

  4. ce_base says:

    Sorry, none of us have any idea about IE.


  5. zhizi says:

    Hi, Sue.  Excuse me, where can I acquire help about IE question? I have no idea now.

  6. ce_base says:

    Use our newsgroups, such as microsoft.public.windowsce.platbuilder.

    I don’t think there’s anything different about IE in CE6 compared to older releases.

  7. zhizi says:

    thanks very much.

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