RTFx Powertoy Linker Error, and a solution

Posted by Dave Edson

If you get this error when building a plugin for the Microsoft Smart Devices Remote Tools Framework (RTFx):

Error     1          error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol "__declspec(dllimport) public: static long __cdecl CDeviceRemoteTool::StartCommandHandler(wchar_t *,enum CDeviceRemoteTool::COMMANDHANDLER_TYPE,long (__cdecl*)(unsigned long,class CCommandPacket const *,class CCommandPacket *))" (__imp_?StartCommandHandler@CDeviceRemoteTool@@SAJPA_WW4COMMANDHANDLER_TYPE@1@P6AJKPBVCCommandPacket@@PAV3@@Z@Z) referenced in function WinMain        DeviceSide.obj  


Then it means that a compiler switch needs to be changed. For the device-side native projects, open the properties for the device side project. Then, go to the C/C++ node, and choose "Language". Change the "Treat wchar_t as a built-in Type" to "No (/Zc:wchar_t-)".


Hope this helps,


Dave Edson

RTFx Wrangler


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  1. jz says:

    What happened to other blogs in this site. A lot of them have closed for "comment". I have a question regarding file system. If you could find someone give us a clue, I definitely will appreciate it

    The question is: Is the following a Microsoft bug on Windows CE?

    You can successfully call CreateFile with





    The filename does not follow FAT specification and MSDN documentations, but it works fine.

  2. jz says:

    Sorry….Actually I mean




  3. jz says:

    oop again 🙂



    Appology for spam…

  4. Simon says:

    hi, experts.

    I have a question about SetEvent().

    Will SetEvent() triger the system scheduler regardless whether there is a system_tick event or not?

    I mean will SetEvent() wake up WaitforSingleObject immediately? Or it just makes that event singled and goes on until it runs out its time-slice and then the scheduler wake up WaitforSingleObject?

  5. ce_base says:

    Hi Simon, yes, SetEvent can lead to an immediate reschedule without waiting for a system tick.


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