MEDC 2006 Vegas is now over.

Posted by: Sue Loh

Well, another year over and I think it went well.  We got to finally announce the Windows CE 6 beta and talk about the features in CE 6, which was very exciting.  Those of us on the kernel team have been working on this for quite a while now.  I plan on blogging some stuff about CE 6 soon when I get a chance.

I had a great time.  I really love going and talking to our customers one-on-one.  If only I could get over being so nervous while I'm giving my presentations...  oh well.  I just want to make them better for all the attendees.  Mike Hall dropped in to podcast my perf tools talk -- you can see that and other MEDC podcasts online.

Now on to MEDC-Europe in Nice, next month!


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  1. casner says:

    You had great talks!  We had to split between talks to get coverage because there were so many sessions, but the Perf Tools talk we both attended.

    I can’t download one of them for some reason – ILL330 – it’s the only lab download broken on the downloads page at MEDC2006.  Looks like a broken link.

    PS Mike caught me in the audience, for about 3 seconds, at 1:15.

  2. ce_base says:

    Thanks a lot, casner, I appreciate the encouragement.  🙂  You’re right, there’s something wrong with the ILL330 files.  I’ll ask someone to check them.  In the meantime if you email me via the contact link on I’ll send them directly to anyone who attended MEDC.


  3. Xentrax says:

    So, will it be really possible to start applications with exe/dll files size more than 32MB?

  4. ce_base says:

    Yes.  Here is a good article about it:


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