MEDC 2006 Sessions from the base team

Posted by: Sue Loh

Just a sneak peek at what we're presenting at this year's DevCon.

  • Inside the Windows CE Kernel (trust me when I say you WANT to go to this one, there is going to be content that we've never presented before)

  • File System Drivers

  • Windows CE Performance Tools & Techniques

  • Windows CE Memory Tools for Native Code

And other talks related to us (not given by us but you'll probably find some of us floating around at these talks):

  • Windows CE Real-Time

  • Advanced Windows CE Power Management

  • And several performance optimization talks for different targeted areas (display, multimedia, networking, audio)

I'll also be giving an "OEM Perf Lab" where I'll go into some detail about CeLog and the kernel (Monte Carlo) profiler.  I don't see that listed in the tracks yet.  The focus will be on looking at tool output and understanding what you're seeing, rather than on how to run the tools.  Mike Hall's Kernel Tracker labs are a pre-requisite so that everyone understands how to connect and get data.

There are also several talks in the application development track that fall into our area, though they're not coming directly from us:

  • Memory Leak Detection in Windows CE

  • Migrating CEDB/ADOCE to Windows Mobile 5.0

  • Performance and Memory Optimization of Windows Mobile Applications

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  1. I noticed that there are not that many talks on replication.   Am I just missing them or is there a reason for this?  It seems to be such a vital part of Win CE?

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