AppVerifier for Windows Mobile 5!

Posted by: Sue Loh

Hot off the presses!  (Yeay I even beat Mike Hall to spreading the news.)  You can now download the Application Verifier tool for use with Windows Mobile 5.  No Platform Builder required.  See the download page at:


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  1. Frank says:

    Using the advice contained in this article:

    I am attempting to use the newly released verifier (Application Verifier for Mobile 5.0DesktopAppVerifCE.exe) with a Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC device (hp iPAQ) connected via USB. I have selected the Pocket PC 2003 device, and am using the ActiveSync transport.

    After I connect with AppVerifCE.exe, several files are downloaded to the device, and then AppVerifCE.exe on the desktop hangs, consuming lots of cpu. I never get to the "Add Application" dialog. (I know I have waited for 10 minutes before giving up and killing AppVerifCE.exe.)

  2. ce_base says:

    Hi Frank, though I use AppVerifier from time to time, I’m not an expert in it.  And I haven’t tried the new WM5 download yet.  You’d have better luck getting help if you’d post your question on one of our newsgroups, like microsoft.public.windowsce.testtools.  Our AppVerifier experts do watch that newsgroup and should be able to help you out.

    Good luck,


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