Sue Loh: Introducing myself

Since I'm asking everyone else to post a bio, I figured I should, too. 

I'm a developer on the Windows CE base team here at Microsoft. I've been working here since 1999.  When I started on the team (fresh out of college) I began by putting the instrumentation for our CeLog logging tool into the kernel, thus beginning my familiarity with the kernel.  Then I worked for a couple of years on filesys.exe: the object store, CEDB, the registry, and the RAM file system; but not other file system drivers, block drivers, or other storage stuff.  Now my primary responsibility is system performance and tools for diagnosing the sources of performance problems.  I float in the area between the kernel, file system, and tools.

I live and work in Atlanta, GA.  I was in Redmond for four years, but had to move due to my husband's job.  Luckily the team let me stay on and work remotely.  Besides my work, I am also interested in getting kids, especially girls, interested in computing.  And in getting CE into more college classes.

I had been running a personal blog at but I'm going to move most (well, probably all) of my future posting over to here now.  If it seems useful enough maybe I'll copy those posts to this blog, but you're probably well enough off if you go look there.



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