Tips for Writing a File System Filter

There have been a few questions posted to the newsgroup over the past few months on the scope the initial setup, and the registry settings of file system filters. I hope to answer some of the most commonly asked questions here. File system filter scope: With Windows CE version 4.0 any file system can be…


Introduction: Ariane Jansen

After growing up in sunny San Diego and attending college in snowy New Jersey I now live in the rainier Seattle area working on Windows CE file systems.  I recently graduated from college (February ’05) where my main interest was systems (file systems and kernel).  My primary focus has thus far been file system filters, although I’m looking…


A Tour of Windows CE Performance Tools

Posted by: Sue Loh What use is a tool if you don’t know it’s there?  One of the problems we have is getting the word out about the tools you can use to debug various kinds of problems.  We honestly do try to figure out how to arrange our help documentation and the tools themselves…


Tips for using Breakpoints

Posted by: Sue Loh I’ve been working with one of our customers the last couple of days, and found that there were a few handy tips for using the Platform Builder debugger with Windows CE that I knew and they didn’t.  So I am sharing them here. Uninstantiated Breakpoints If you’ve ever tried to set…


Mobile & Wireless Research Funding Initiative

Posted by: Sue Loh On a similar note, I learned today that Microsoft Research is currently accepting research funding proposals for mobile & wireless technologies, with a focus on digital inclusion:


Windows Embedded Student ChallengE 2006

Posted by: Sue Loh Registration is now open for the 2006 Windows ChallengE competition, and closes December 1.  See to find more information and the registration form.  The competition is international again, but has a new environmental theme this year.  Ivan Joseph is not running the competition this year — as he explains in his own…


Shared Heap Pitfalls

Posted by: Sue Loh I just saw someone on our newsgroups make a recommendation that to get past the Windows CE 32MB per-process VM limitation, you can use shared heaps to make your allocations.  I would like to explain some of the pitfalls of choosing that route. First off, by “shared heap” we are talking about…


CD/DVD-ROM drive doesn’t mount when using the Hive-Based registry

We received the following question today on our Base Team Blog email alias. I figured it would be worth making the reply into a post since I’ve heard the same issue arise on a few other occasions. Question: We are working on a platform with two attached IDE devices on the same IDE bus. The first device…


Flush with care

Posted by: Sue Loh I would like to add some comments to extend what was said on a recent post on the Windows Mobile blog.  It says that developers can use RegFlushKey to make sure their registry data persists, but that legacy applications will be okay because we’ve built some persistence into the OS.  I actually try to go…


POOM replication on WM5

Posted by: Sue Loh I just recently learned that EDB, the database engine that is used for most of the POOM (calendar/contacts/etc) data on WM5, does not expose a replication layer to application developers.  The CEDB engine which was previously used for POOM in WM2003 exposed a “bit-based replication” API, including functions like CeGetReplChangeBitsEx.  So any…