TechDays 2011 Montreal – Build your personalized Schedule


After having the pleasure of talking about technology and connecting with people in Toronto and Vancouver – it’s now Montreal’s turn.  Techdays Montreal is coming quickly and the whole team is giving 200% effort to finish things up with a Bang.

This year – lots of diverse sessions are on hand to choose from.  If you are interested in Agile, Cloud Computing, Application Testing with Visual Studio, HTML5 or Mobility and consumerization of IT – everything is here for you. Yes – there are even 3 tracks dedicated to Infrastructure, Virtualization, management and client deployment – it’s not just for Devs.

You can now access the PDF version of the schedule – or download this iCal format schedule for all the sessions in Montreal.

I don’t know about you – but when I attend conferences like TechDays – there are normally multiple sessions at the same time that I am interested in attending.  I need to make a personal schedule. There is an online schedule builder you can use that you can create your own schedule – or you can use the iCal schedule and delete what doesn’t interest you.  Take some time to browse around and read the full abstract of each sessions that is in conflict to make the right choices. Once at TechDays – you are free to move about and switch on the fly – but it’s always good to know your options. Don’t forget – you are encouraged to explore the partner fair, connect with attendees and local experts – it’s also about networking, not just the content.

We’ve made up a cool conference with local speakers from Montreal as well as experts from across the country.  TechDays Montreal will be quite the event. We’ll see you next week!

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