Tips and gotchas for Windows 8 apps: Day of the Living Dead

  A team of students from Vancouver talks about the experience of bringing a Unity game to Windows 8. This series features interviews with student Windows 8 app developers who share the lessons they learned building windows 8 applications. This week’s interview features Team Hungry ECE Programmers, a student team from UBC Computer Engineering who…


ZipApp – Can a non-coder use it to create an app with great content?

ZipApp is a tool that claims to allow non-programmers to build Windows 8 apps quickly. Their claim seems to be accurate! As Windows 8 matures, more tools and templates are appearing to help developers and non-developers create Windows 8 apps. Two weeks ago, I tested IdeaPress. Today, I will test ZipApp by creating an app…


How does a student get a DreamSpark account for free software and store accounts?

DreamSpark gives students access to free software, free Azure cloud services, and free store accounts for publishing apps, but how do you get it? DreamSpark ( is a program that provides students with free Microsoft software, the ability to try Azure cloud services without entering a credit card, and a store account. Chances are your…


Building a great app: Options for making money

If you are building a great app, you may want to make money doing it. You have a couple of options, charge for the app, in app purchases, and ads. This blog is part of a series, you can see the rest of the series here. Less than 5% of app downloads are paid apps….


Template of the week: Windows 8 Find a nearby…

This template will help you build apps for Windows 8 that find nearby points of interest. This blog is part of a series How many times have you wanted to find a nearby restaurant? gas station? grocery store? This Windows 8 sample project provides you with a good sample structure and code for building apps…


Unity Windows Store Open Beta – Get it and Learn it!

Unity now has an open beta for Windows Store apps, and there is a two day training event to help you build games with Unity for the Windows Store. Last week Unity announced the availability of Unity 4.2 as an open beta for Windows store apps. Let’s take a quick look at how this affects…


Who ya gonna call?

You now have two great places to call when you need help with an app: a developer mentor or an expert at the app labs in Toronto, Montreal, or Vancouver. So, who ya gonna call? I’ll give you a hint, it’s not these guys. Well maybe Dr. Venkman would know how to build an app….


Building a great Windows 8 app Step 5: Reserve your app name

You can reserve your app name before you publish your app This blog post is part of a series This blog post will explain Why is your app name important? How to create your store account (required to reserve an app name) How to choose a good app name How to reserve your app name…


Tips and gotchas for Windows Phone apps:InkSpill

This series features interviews with Windows Phone app developers who share the lessons they learned building windows phone applications. This week’s interview features Studio SYD, a software development startup who built a game called InkSpill Could you briefly describe your application/game? InkSpill is a puzzle/strategy game. The player start at one corner of the board,…


Waterloo WowZapp Microsoft Worldwide Hackathon

Waterloo WOWZAPP 2012 was an amazing experience! We were thrilled to see the creative work that people came up with in less than a day’s work. Our advertisement efforts successfully reached out to almost 70 students including nearby colleges. We started the event with a brief presentation on Windows 8 tools and development environment. A…