Localizing your Windows Phone app – why and how?

  Windows Phone developer Christian Hissibini (Histech Solutions) shares how he created apps that target multiple languages and countries. His apps have been successful in both the French France and Canadian English and French stores. Note from Susan: I hope Christian’s story helps you build better apps for multiple markets, don’t forget Canadian developers can…


Double Points for Developer Movement until May 10th!

Developer Movement is offering Double points for every Windows 8 app you publish until May 10th and you could win a $500 gift card! The Developer Movement program which gives Canadian developers points for publishing cool apps to the store has a new challenge! Until May 10th, for every Windows 8 app you publish You…


Unity Windows Store Open Beta – Get it and Learn it!

Unity now has an open beta for Windows Store apps, and there is a two day training event to help you build games with Unity for the Windows Store. Last week Unity announced the availability of Unity 4.2 as an open beta for Windows store apps. Let’s take a quick look at how this affects…


Canadian and US Phone Developers can get rewards through DVLUP

Complete challenges related to Windows Phone development, earn points, cash in points for rewards that can help you create great apps and help get them noticed! Canada has already got a great program to reward developers with cool stuff called Developer Movement. Now, Windows Phone developers can double down by registering for the DVLUP program….


Video of the Week: How to Port iOS apps to Windows apps

This video talks about how to port iOS apps to Windows Store apps Many of you have built apps for iOS and may be interested in how developing for Windows Store varies from developing for iOS. In this video Rafe Wu explains some of the comparisons between the two platforms. This is not an exhaustive…


How do I get started building Windows Phone 8 apps?

What do you need to build a Windows Phone 8 app? Windows Phone 8 was released at the end of 2012 and I am already getting questions from students about developing and testing Windows Phone 8 apps. First of all let me clear up two common misconceptions Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 are not…


Building a great Windows 8 app Step 4: Pick your programming language

What’s the best programming language for your Windows 8 app? .NET, JavaScript with HTML/Canvas, or C++? This blog is part of a series, you can see the rest of the series here. If you want to develop for Windows 8, you need to decide which programming model best suits your needs and skills and find…


Building Great apps step 1 : Refining your app idea

An app can’t be great at everything, what will your app be best at? Figure that out you are well on you way to a great app This blog is part of a series, you can see all the posts in the series here. We all know the value of apps, we’ve used good apps,…


Last Call: Join us in Toronto for Windows 8 Pure Imagination

Learn about HTML gaming, talk to a VC to learn about funding for start-ups, join the hackathon, learn about Windows 8 design, or how to use Azure for free websites or to give you back end services for iOS, Windows8, or Windows Phone, all this and more at Windows 8 Pure Imagination Microsoft with partner…


Ready to develop for Windows Phone 8?

Windows Phone 8 launched this week, so how can you build apps for the latest phones? Windows Phone 8 was launched Monday and the reviews are in. If you haven’t seen it yet, the Windows Phone website is a great place to see what’s new for the phone user. For the Windows Phone developer, the…