My first experience developing for Windows Phone

Windows Phone developer Christian Hissibini (Histech Solutions) shares the story of his first encounter with Windows Phone and share the lessons he learned along the way. This post is also available in French/Cette poste est aussi disponible en francais. Curious by nature, passionate, and too often searching for that great mood generated by taking on…



Développeur Windows Phone Christian Hissibini (Histech Solutions) partage son premier rencontre avec la platforme Windows Phone. Son histoire raconte des trucs et lecons pour tout développeur interessé au platforme Windows Phone. Cet post est aussi disponible en anglais/This post is also available in English Curieux de nature, passionné et trop souvent à la quête de…


How Blend made creating a Windows 8 app in 24 hours easy.

Having never used Blend before I was amazed how fast and easy it was to create my simple app.   The source code for this Windows 8 app and many others can be found on my GitHub ( After joking with a friend of mine, we came up with a fun little app that would…

Building a great app: Options for making money

If you are building a great app, you may want to make money doing it. You have a couple of options, charge for the app, in app purchases, and ads. This blog is part of a series, you can see the rest of the series here. Less than 5% of app downloads are paid apps….


Tips and gotchas for Windows 8 apps: Convertr

This series features interviews with student Windows 8 app developers who share the lessons they learned building windows 8 applications. This week’s interview features Richard Ye a student from The University of Waterloo who built an application called Converter. Could you briefly describe your application/game? Unit converters are one of the easiest and most overdone…


Get your Windows 8 app published by December 31st and you could win a Surface

Canadian Developers who register for Developer Movement and publish Windows 8 apps between December 6th and 31st could win a 64GB Surface. Wouldn’t you like to start the new year with a Surface? Odds of winning will depend on the number of people who publish apps, but these are still pretty good odds! A big…


Waterloo WowZapp Microsoft Worldwide Hackathon

Waterloo WOWZAPP 2012 was an amazing experience! We were thrilled to see the creative work that people came up with in less than a day’s work. Our advertisement efforts successfully reached out to almost 70 students including nearby colleges. We started the event with a brief presentation on Windows 8 tools and development environment. A…