Tower Game Starter Kit gives you a head start on your game!

Woot Studio has released an HTML Cross platform Tower Game Starter Kit!

Tower Game Starter Kit

One of the challenges of building games is the time it takes to build art assets, game logic and multiple levels. That’s why starter kits and re-usable art assets are so helpful. Christer Kaitila (aka MCFunkyPants) has developed a cross platform HTML Tower Game starter kit. That can be used to create a game for Web, Windows 8, or Windows Phone.

What exactly is provided?

  • Code to give you a head start on your own tower game
  • Video tutorials
  • Blogs to introduce you to the code
  • A completed sample game for the web, Windows 8, and Windows Phone

Just visit to download the starter kit and start learning how to create your own tower game!

Pick a theme and have some fun: invasion of the cupids for Valentine’s Day? leprechaun attack for St Patrick’s day? mutant monkey assault? the only limit is your imagination!

Don’t forget, Canadian developers who publish apps to Windows Phone and Windows 8 by June 1, 2014 can earn rewards through Developer Movement too. Your tower game could help you get an Xbox One or a new laptop!

The Peasants Are Marching

Comments (3)

  1. Simon (darkside) Jackson says:

    Little side note, looks absolutely awesome but the links to the tutorials on are not working, says either "site does not exist" or 404

  2. Susan Ibach says:

    Hi Simon,

    That seems to be an intermittent error, we will check to see if it still occurring, but worth trying again a little later if that happens. Thank you for mentioning it though! I will go check now.

  3. Simon (darkside) Jackson says:

    Looks like it's back up and running now, Awesome response 😀 #PlugsItBackIn

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