Learn how to use Unity for Windows 8 and Phone

Attend the Microsoft Virtual Academy session, or check out the Dojo session to learn how you can take your existing Unity game and bring it to Windows Phone or Windows 8.

Whether you are using Unity Pro or Unity Free, the add-ons for Windows Phone 8 and Windows Store are available free of charge. So why not give your app or game the maximum possible reach, by bringing it to the Windows store. If you are a student you can even get your store account for free through DreamSpark!

There are two great sessions to help you learn the ins and outs of taking a Unity game to the Windows store:

  • Live on Microsoft Virtual Academy
  • On Demand at Developer Movement

Live on Microsoft Virtual Academy

Join Canada’s own Mickey MacDonald and Bryan Griffiths and learn how to bring your Unity games to the Windows and Windows Phone platforms. You’ll see how easy it is to customize your app to take advantage of the built-in Windows 8.1 features; for example, increase user interaction by using Share and bring users back to your game by updating Live Tiles with the latest high scores or gamer info. If you already have a Unity game in another store and you want to increase downloads/revenue by adding it to the Windows stores, this is where you’ll learn how to do it.

You will learn

  • Porting Considerations
  • A Dual Run-time Environment
  • Supporting Window 8.1
  • Supporting Windows Phones
  • Using Splash Images
  • Live Tiles

Watch the event live today December 6, 2013 9AM – 5 PM Pacific. If you miss it, you can watch it later on demand at Microsoft Virtual Academy website afterwards. Don’t forget, if you are a Canadian, you could earn rewards and prizes in the Developer Movement program just by watching a course on Microsoft Virtual Academy!

On Demand at Developer Movement

CodeKwondoSquare As part of Canada’s Developer Movement, the code sensei is helping you earn your black belt in coding by providing you with great presentations. You can see all the sessions at the Developer Dojo page on Channel 9. Check out the Developer Dojo session on Unity and Gaming.

There are two sessions of interest to Unity developers.

Fun trivia fact: Unity fans might be interested to know that the dojo background used to display the presentation was actually built by the presenter using Unity.

Introduction to Code Kwondo/A Close look at Unity for Windows 8 and Windows Phone

In part 1 of this developer dojo, Sensei Jonathan Rozenblit introduces Code Kwondo, the Developer Movement program launching November 2013. Code Sensei Mickey MacDonald then takes you on a close look at Unity and how you can bring in your Unity assets into Visual Studio 2013 to create Windows 8 and Windows Phone versions of your games/apps.

Unity to Visual Studio to Windows and Windows Phone store

In part 2 of this developer dojo, Code Sensei Mickey MacDonald baffles Sensei Jonathan Rozenblit when he shows him and the viewers just how easy it is to go from Unity to Visual Studio to the Windows and Windows Phone Stores. Watch this session to get Sensei Mickey's checklist of things to check and do before submitting your game/app for certification and his recap checklist of things to consider before getting deep down into design and code.

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