Get your laptop ready for school with over $1000 of free software!

trust me I'm a geekWhy use Express versions of software when students like you can get professional tools for free through DreamSpark.

With DreamSpark Standard and DreamSpark Premium you can download the same tools used in the workplace for free!

DreamSpark is literally a student one stop shop for software.

Any student can access DreamSpark Standard either because their school is enrolled, or as an individual. this includes students in high schools. Find out more here.

If you are in a technical program such as engineering, computers, or science (see list of eligible technical programs here). Talk to your professor/instructor and find out if your department is signed up for DreamSpark Premium to get even more! They can enroll your department in the program here.

There’s no secret handshake required, sign up, get free software! That’s it! So what would you like to install?

Windows for free! (DreamSpark Premium only)

Because you have DreamSpark Premium for your program, you can download a copy of Windows 8 for your laptop at no charge!

Writing Code?

Download Visual Studio Ultimate (DreamSpark Premium) or Visual Studio Professional (DreamSpark Standard), the same tool used in the workplace for your coding. With add-ons like VS Web Essentials you’ll love it, even if you are just building HTML web pages! Add built in Unit tests to make it faster to edit and retest your code. One development environment for building websites, mobile, or cloud apps.


You can get the Windows 8 and Windows Phone SDK at DreamSpark too!


Check out Blend, a design tool built into Visual Studio that allows you to build from the top down! Check out Visio (DreamSpark Premium only) to draw professional diagrams and models.

Data geek?

Don’t forget data! You get SQL Server 2012 including the business intelligence tools like Reporting Services for creating your own reports against any database; integration services for migrating and cleansing data; analysis services so you can get into big data analysis with cubes and data mining!

User Experience and Human Computer Interface?

Download the Kinect for Windows SDK and explore the capabilities of Kinect!

Working as a team?

Manage class projects across team members from requirements to development to testing with Team Foundation Server! Use OneNote (DreamSpark Premium only) on SkyDrive to take organized notes in meetings and any team member can access it anywhere. Use Microsoft Project (DreamSpark Premium only) to help you collaborate.

Setting up your own server?

Download Windows Server 2012!

Over $2000 in professional software is waiting for you at

DreamSpark, the student one-stop shop for software. Download your professional software for free today!

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