Can I blog about you? I want to learn from your app building experience!

microsoft027MediumAre you a Canadian student who built a Windows or Windows Phone app? Help other students by sharing your story!

Whenever you build an app, you learn from the experience. Share what you learned with other students!

Did you find a cool little feature you hadn’t seen before?

Did something you expected to be simple turn out to be a hassle?

Whether you built an amazing game, or a goofy little app that calculates how much money you spent on beer and determines what you could have bought instead (there’s a scary app idea!) I want to find out how you built it and what you learned from the experience.

So, tell me about your app!

Email me at tell me

  • your name and where you go to school
  • the name of the app you built (a link to the app in the store is helpful too please),
  • whether its Windows 8 or Windows Phone

I’ll contact you for the interview, it doesn’t take long.

You learn something from every app you build, whether it’s how to pass a variable from one page to another, or figuring out how to use Azure Mobile Services. If you had to figure it out, chances are someone else did too! Help your fellow students and brag a bit too 🙂

I want to blog your story!

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