Imagine Cup World Finals – Day Two – presentations & recovery time

Today Canada’s Team Sano presented to the judges, then had time to recover before they meet the press tonight.

9:45 AM that’s the time Canada’s team Sano drew for their presentation to the judges this morning. We arrived at the check-in desk on time at 9:30. We waited outside the room, Team BearClaw from the US was presenting before us. When they finished we entered the room. Team Sano, OmarTamer have 10 minutes to get set up and ready to go. At 9:50 Omar begins their presentation and finishes with about 45 seconds to spare. For the next 10 minutes the judges (A Bulgarian, and a venture capitalist from California among others) ask questions. Then the team has 5 minutes to pack up and leave the room so the next team can start.

WWFSanoPresentsAnd we’re done. That was fast! Well we aren’t completed finished, tonight the teams will be showing their projects to the many members of the press attending and tomorrow the team has hands-on judging. Each of the four judges will spend 15 minutes at the team booth getting a chance to try the application first hand. After the hands-on judging it’s all in the hands of the judges so the team can finally take a minute to relax.

There are lots of different ways to take a break at the event, I thought I’d share a few pics to give you an idea of what it’s like on the ground this week in St Petersburg. Keep an eye on #ImagineCup to keep up with the latest news!


Team Senegal INternet Cafe Imagine Cup Team Senegal takes a break at the internet cafe
IMG_4518 Team Cuba does a team cheer for the cameras!
Windows 8.1 You can take a tour of Windows 8.1 get a cool fridge magnet, and take part in the Fruit Ninja challenge! (I won a t-shirt)
3 d printer windows 8 You can see in action how printers are supported on Windows 8.1 without any drivers, and that even includes these 3 D Printers
Samsung hardware Windows 8 You can check out some of the beautiful new Samsung hardware coming out soon. The white tablet on the right is The Samsung Ativ Tab 3. Very light, it runs full Windows 8 and fits into a tidy little docking station so you can use it as a laptop. The one on the left had me drooling, it’s the Samsung Ativ Q. 8 hour battery life, fantastic high quality display, really lightweight and thin, and it converts from laptop to tablet to stand and yes it comes with a pen and was able to correctly read both my printed and cursive text. I want one!
WWFPingPong Team Poland takes a break with a quick game of Ping Pong.
WWFChurch Of course if you have a longer break you can also head into St Petersburg to see the sights and take in some amazing history. This is the Church of Our Savior on the Spilled Blood, built on the site where Emperor Alexander II was assassinated in 1881.
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