OIGC Gaming Conference Student Challenge

The Ottawa Gaming conference has a gaming challenge for students, and you could win a Surface RT.

clip_image001What happens when SteamPunk and OuterSpace meet Zombies?

That’s what we want to find out!

We’ve got three packs of game art you can use to build something fun! Why not chill out and get a little creative as you get geared up for the Ottawa International Gaming Conference.

Microsoft is sponsoring a 30 day challenge for students attending the OIGC. They have provided three packs of art assets you can download from their WootStudio site. Your challenge? Use those assets to build a Windows 8 game.

Zombie pong with the ball and paddles slowly decaying as the game progresses? Steampunk space invaders? OuterSpace tower defense with cheesy sound effects?

All the entries will be presented live at the conference. The winning entry will receive a Windows 8 Surface RT! But, anyone who builds and publishes a game has other ways to come out a winner.

  • You can publish their game by June 15, 2013 and submit it to Developer Movement. With Developer Movement just one published Windows 8 app can get you a Kinect!
  • You can use your game to enter the OIGC T+30 draw. Anyone who attends OIGC and publishes a Windows 8 app within 30 days of the conference is entered into a draw to win a Microsoft Surface PRO! Each app you publish is one entry. Details on how to enter the T+30 draw will be revealed shortly.

Entries will be judged based on the following criteria:



Max Score


Is the game exciting? Is the concept clear? Is there good player feedback? Is the game appropriately challenging? Does the player want to keep coming back for more?



Does it look good for its chosen art style? Are the sound effects and music well done? Does it play smoothly and reliably? Is the in-game UI clear and useful? Are there good usability features such as player help, tutorials, and game pause?



Does it notably improve upon an existing genre? Does it create a new genre or deliver a unique play experience? Does it deliver innovation in storytelling, art direction, or other aesthetic areas?


Business Viability

Is there a clear audience for this game? Does the team clearly identify "back of the box" highlights for why someone should buy this game? What does the development and publishing roadmap look like after the competition


So what are you waiting for? Break into those assets and see where your brain takes you “Brains…” yup the Zombie pack and the rest of the art assets await your brains…E-mail carla@oigconf.com to be entered in the Jam!

If you aren’t sure how to get started building a Windows 8 game, here are a few resources to help you out:

Don’t forget the gaming clinic at the OIGC as well, and for those of you outside Ottawa, maybe you can catch the clinics in Edmonton or Vancouver!

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