Template of the week: Platformer HTML5 Game

Windows 8 platformer starter kitWoot Studio , MC Funkypants and Plexi Pixel have just released a Platformer Game Starter Kit for Windows 8

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Platformer games are always popular. Most of us remember the first time we made Mario hop over a mushroom or got Sonic to roll along bouncing off springs and into the air!

Woot Studio, MC Funkypants have just released a platformer game starter kit to help game developers build a platformer game without having to start from scratch. Run, jump, launch into the air! The starter kit gives you three levels you can use as a base to explore the code you would use to create your own game. Change up the levels. Change up the artwork and have fun creating your own world to explore.

If, like me, you lack artistic ability, you will appreciate the fact that PlexiPixel has created some royalty free art assets to go with it including characters, weapons, ships, effects, and accessories which you can download at the starter kit website!

The starter game kit include two games: Rubba Rabbit

Rubba Rabbit


and Gwendolyn the Lionhearted

The starter kit contains a Visual Studio example project of the two games that are built with the same engine. You can download the app and try it on Windows 8, it is a working game.

Want to learn more?

Have some fun creating your own world and take advantage of the fact someone else has done some of the heavy lifting for you! Don’t forget that Canadian developers who publish apps before mid June 2013 can get rewards through the Developer Movement!

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