Template of the week: Game starter kit with high score table

This game starter kit contains everything you need to get started game programming for Windows 8 including online high scores with Windows Azure.

Windows 8 game starter kit

You can find more templates here.

This HTML and JavaScript game template kit comes with an example game you can modify and play with. The code is all in one file so it’s easy to explore for beginners.

This kit also enables support for Windows Azure to provide a high scores table. This will require you to have a Windows Azure account. You can get an account for Windows Azure. There is a free trial where you can try it out, or if you are a BizSpark member (free membership), or an MSDN subscriber, you get a lot for free so check out your possibilities. But the cost of this solution ( a simple mobile service with 1gb SQL database) is not significant.

You can find all the details on how to download the starter kit and how to use it at digitalerr0r’s blog.

Don’t forget, if you are Canadian, when you build a cool game and publish it you could get rewards through the Developer Movement!

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