Two more months to get great rewards for your apps!

developer movement rewardsCanada’s Developer Movement promotion that allows you to earn rewards for your apps has been extended to June 15, 2013.

So you started an app and haven’t had time to finish it.

Right now you are in the middle of exams, so I know you are swamped. Great news! Canada’s Developer Movement campaign has been extended to June 15, 2013. So when exams are over, and you’ve recovered from the celebrations, you can go back and finish that code you started two months ago or take what you’ve learned and build something new!

Don’t forget as a student you can publish Windows 8 apps for free and you can publish Windows Phone apps for free.

What can I get with one app?*

  • 12 month Xbox Live Gold Membership
  • an Xbox 360 wireless controller
  • a Kinect

What can I get with two apps?

  • a 2TB hard drive
  • a Blu ray disc player

I’m going hard core, what’s the best reward I can get?**

  • Canon EOS Rebel DSLR Camera*
  • Samsung 14 inch laptop*

*There are some quality requirements for the apps, you can see them in the terms and conditions, scroll down to the section “How to submit an Application”

**Just want to let you know if you are going for the big prizes, that you can submit a maximum of 5 apps for a particular platform, so if you are going for the big rewards you’ll have to do a combination of Windows 8 and Windows Phone apps, and maybe some Azure labs to collect enough points.

If you haven’t started an app yet, check out some of the great app templates to help you get started

When you are ready to publish, check out some of the common certification failures before you submit to the store.

I can’t wait to see what you build!

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