Template of the week: Windows 8 Location/Finder App

windows 8 location appThis Windows 8 app template allows you to easily create an app to put data into an app to display on a map.

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How many times have you used an app to help you find something: a restaurant? a parking lot? a hockey arena? Apps for looking up locations on a map aren’t just for phones, I use them on my tablet devices, and even at home on my laptop when I am planning an outing.

Mark Arteaga and Barranger have built a Finder App Template allows developers to quickly pull point of interest data into the app and display it on a map. The template has some pre-defined point of interest feeds. If you want different data you can use the backend NodeJS Server to import different data into the Windows 8 application.

You can download the Windows 8 Finder app here and you can find the NodeJS Server code here.

Happy coding!

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