Video of the week: Skulls of the Shogun game lives on 3 screens and the cloud

Skulls of the Shogun is a fun multi-player game that brings to life the concept of 3 screens and the cloud

We have phones, we have tablets, and we have console games. When we find a game we love shouldn’t it work on all three? Skulls of the Shogun developed by 17-BIT does a great job of doing just that. You can play the game on Xbox Live Arcade, Windows Phone, and Windows 8 (why do I have a feeling my kids will be stealing my Surface even more now.) What’s really nice is the way they haven’t just brought the game to all three platforms but the way it’s integrated across the platforms using the cloud.

You can start the game on one device, and then stop and resume the game on a different device. So when I kick my son off the Xbox to go to hockey, he can pick up the game where he left off on my phone in the car. Skulls of the Shogun is also a multi-player game and when you play against others it doesn’t matter what device they are using, so my kids could be at home on the Xbox while I play against them on my Windows 8 laptop in my hotel room on a business trip.

This is a great example of seeing multiple devices as an opportunity instead of an obstacle. Check out this video that gives you a little preview of the game and talks a bit about the multi-platform development.

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