Template of the week: Movie App design template

Movie1This is a design template for a Windows 8 movie app that contains photoshop source files, images and an HTML/CSS Blend project

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A great app deserves a great User interface (UI). Some of us are good at coding, some of us are good at UI design. My last two templates were more focused on the code. This week’s template is focused on design. This template was originally published on the RIA Blog by Kok Chiann, a user experience manager at Ezypay and MVP on Expression Blend.

Here is how Kok Chiann describes his design template.


As a big movie fan and cinema freak, I’ve always wanted a quick app that will allow me to browse the top movies in the box office, check out trailers, ratings and more. So when I was thinking of what kind of Metro Style Apps to create design templates for, I guess it was a natural choice to create a simplistic app to fulfill my movie craving needs, and hopefully yours as well.


As a Windows 8 user, I want a quick and simple means to watch trailers of latest movies, check their ratings, and share it with my social network.

Movie App


What will you need to use this design template?

  • Photoshop will be needed for the .psd files
  • Blend for Visual Studio will be needed for the Metro Style App Project

What is in this design template?

Do note that this is a design template that only contains:

  • Photoshop Source (.psd)
  • Images (.png)
  • Blend Project – HTML/CSS

Which means it does not contain any back-end coding, snazzy javascripting, complex business logic or more

Note: Based on the comments on the Ria Blog, The templates may have been built using the Release Candidate version, so you may have to remove the Reference Microsoft.WinJS.1.0.RC and add a new reference to the current Windows Library for JavaScript. Then in every HTML page, in the WinJS Reference section remove the RC part from the code

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