App Template of the week: Club/Team Windows 8 Template

Windows 8 app template

The following Windows 8 template makes it easy to get started on an app with a blog reader, twitter feed, list of events, members, and photos.

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This week’s template was created to make it easy for a club, team, or organization to share information about their activities, announcements, and members.


  • Windows 8


  • Display Twitter feed
  • Display RSS feed
  • Display list of members from an .xml file
  • Display list of events from an .xml file
  • Display photos from a skydrive account

Windows 8 features

  • Share on blogs and events
  • Search on Events


  • Word document that describes how you can customize the template and an explanation of how you can add additional data to the template using the same structure

Where can I find it?

I have posted the .zip file on a Skydrive folder here. The zip files contains the code and the documentation for the template.

A quick disclaimer

These templates are not Microsoft templates, they are open source and should be treated as such. They may contain bugs and code quality will vary. Nonetheless can be a useful tool when you are trying to learn how to build an app, and they can be a useful starting point for more complicated apps that follow a similar structure or require similar functionality.

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