Got a WordPress site? Bring it to Windows 8 quickly and easily

wordpress This open source template makes it easy for you to take a WordPress site and provide it’s content through a Windows 8 store app

if you are a WordPress user ( this template does not support, there is an open source Windows 8 template built by IdeaNotion you can use to quickly create a Windows 8 store app to showcase the content on your WordPress site.

The app created by the template allows a user to

  • View your blog posts by category
  • View recent blog posts
  • View your pages
  • View and post comments
  • Bookmark favourite posts
  • See post information in the live tile for the application
  • Use the Search charm to find content
  • Use the Share charm to share a favourite post

You can download the source code and there is a quick start guide from IdeaNotion to help you out as well.

Make your WordPress site available to more users through the Windows 8 store! Don’t forget students can publish their Windows 8 apps for free!

Comments (3)

  1. Harris Rasheed says:

    Great article Susan! Is this the easiest way to make an app? Hahahaha…

  2. Susan Ibach says:

    Hey Harris 🙂 based on what I've seen most students are building stuff way cooler than this, but if you have a wordpress site, no point in re-inventing the wheel!

  3. Julian Reiche says:

    A great way for beginners to get their blogs some exposure for sure!

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