Get your Windows 8 app published by December 31st and you could win a Surface

Windows 8 surfaceCanadian Developers who register for Developer Movement and publish Windows 8 apps between December 6th and 31st could win a 64GB Surface.

Wouldn’t you like to start the new year with a Surface? Odds of winning will depend on the number of people who publish apps, but these are still pretty good odds! A big thank you to Telerik for sponsoring this challenge. They produce a toolset to help you build Windows 8 apps faster.

Maybe you attended WOWZapp or Pure Imagination and you haven’t had a chance to sit down and publish that app yet.

Maybe you’ve had an app idea in your head that you haven’t had time to code and publish yet.

Regardless, exams will be over soon (Yay!) once you’ve celebrated that last exam with your friends and head home you may find yourself with a perfect window of time to finish up and publish that app. Why not take advantage of the December Developer Movement Challenge! Publish as many apps as you can from December 6th to December 31st, 2012. The more apps you publish, the more draw entries you get, and the more chances you have to win the Microsoft 64 GB Surface! To qualify you must be registered for the Developer Movement, but why wouldn’t you register? The Developer Movement gives you points for every app you publish, heck you get 1000 points just for registering. You can cash those points in for rewards. So even if you don’t win the Surface you still get cool stuff for free!

So if you’ve started an app, or wanted to start an app, now’s the time to get it into the store. Why? With each app you could:

Check out our Windows 8 Resources page for tips on how to get started, how to get your free student Windows 8 account, how to add a privacy policy so your app doesn’t fail certification, and more…good luck and happy coding!

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