Canada! Join the worldwide WOWZapp hackathon November 9-11th

Microsoft has created a worldwide hackathon called WOWZapp, Canada has a number of sites so you can be a part of it!


You may have already heard about WOWZapp in TechCrunch or on CNBC. This is a worldwide hackathon for developers to get building cool apps for Windows 8. Canada is all in!

Co-ordinated with sites around the world, this promises to be a great event. We are having our primary WOWZapp in Vancouver (currently listed as Burnaby on the WOWZapp site).

We are ready to host students from all around Vancouver with an interest in building apps. Seats are limited, and we will invite some developers from industry and start-ups to join us as well, but we are giving students advance notice, so if you are interested, register before October 28th! After October 28th, we will invite User groups and local start-ups to join the fun, so it’s a good idea to reserve a spot before then to guarantee yourself a spot! Our theme for the Vancouver WOWZapp is MC Escher, the artist who created those mind bending drawings like the one on the right. Those interested in taking on the theme, can build apps to challenge our brains! We’ll also find some fun ways to keep your brain challenges over the weekend.

WOWZapp isn’t just in Vancouver!

My team will be in Vancouver, but we’ve been working with our Microsoft Student Partners across the country to help them put together some great WOWZapp events as well, complete with munchies, giveaways, and prizes. All WOWZapp events are the weekend of November 9-11th. New sites are still being added! But as of today we already have events in

  • Hamilton
  • Ottawa
  • London
  • Montreal
  • Waterloo
  • more being added this week!

Just visit the WOWZapp site, and use the interactive map, or the drop down listbox to find an event near you and register!

If you have never built a Windows 8 app before, this is a great time to get started! You can prepare before you arrive with our Windows 8 Resources.See you at WOWZapp!

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