How does a Flash developer get going with HTML5?

EaselJS spritesheetEaselJS is a JavaScript library that provides an API that will be familiar to Flash developers to make it easier to work with canvas.

HTML5 is supported in Internet Explorer 9 and higher, and other modern web browsers. You can build native apps for Windows 8 with HTML5. The great thing about this broad uptake of HTML5 is more and more resources to help game developers make the move to HTML5 and JavaScript.

EaselJS is a JavaScript library that contains a number of classes for working with Canvas. These APIs will be familiar to Flash developers.

Best of all you can download it, find documentation, and examples all right here

Other developers are already exploring EaselJS and have created posts and videos to help you get started.

The resources are there and waiting! Check it out! Then build a game, find out how to publish your game to Windows 8 and tell me when you do so I can try it out! You might even want to enter your game in Imagine Cup.

Here are a few examples you can explore to see what the APIs will do for you so you can start drooling, I mean coding!

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