GameSalad announces Windows 8 support

Good news for gamers trying to support multiple platforms, GameSalad is adding support for Windows 8

GameSalad has announced they are going to bring Windows 8 app store publishing to GameSalad creator.

So what is GameSalad? It’s a tool that allows you to build games and will generate code from your design for multiple platforms such as Windows 8, iPhone, and Android. If you are curious, it’s powered by HTML5. A lot of the game design is done with drag and drop. Define your actors, scenes, and actions. You can check out some of the games others have built with GameSalad here 

There will be a webinar on Friday September 28th at 1:00 PM CST for any developers interested in publishing to the Windows 8 store. You can register here.

Of course it’s possible to create games from scratch, but for some developers a tool can make it easier. You can download the basic version of GameSalad here and explore. Nice option for game developers trying to target multiple platforms who don’t necessarily have the knowledge to build native apps on their own for the different platforms.

Don’t forget to keep checking our Windows 8 resources page for suggestions on where to find resources for new and experienced app developers. As we find new resources to help you we’ll keep adding them there!

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