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  1. Jash Sayani says:

    I got the code and the 1 year is over. I generated another code and it shows as invalid. Can this generate codes every year or is it 1 time only?

  2. Susan Ibach says:

    Hey @Jash, that's odd, you should absolutely be able to renew. Try contacting DreamSpark support…/Support.aspx if they can't help you let me know and we'll figure something out!

  3. Snjay says:

    I don't have credit card what to do??

  4. James Khouri says:

    Is the registration code the same as the Verification Code I got after requesting it on DreamSpark? Cause it's not working

  5. Susan Ibach says:

    @Snjay You do have to have a credit card to create a store account, there is no workaround for that. You don't need much of a limit on the card, but you do need a credit card

  6. Susan Ibach says:

    @James – When did you get the verification code? Might be worth trying again, because recently some changes were made as the Windows 8 and Windows Phone store were merged, so could you try requesting the validation code again and try creating your account again following the instructions at and then if it still doesn't work let me know and we'll see if we can figure out what's up.

  7. koli says:

    Hi, I do not have credit card. Can pay with my friend's one?

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