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Microsoft launched a completely new email service few weeks ago called

Microsoft launched a completely new email service few weeks ago with limited ads, unlimited storage and built in Skype. It’s called, and it’s simple and clean.

Does this look like your email address: ? Have you been trying for years to get a good username for your email?  This is your chance! You might even get your or your, but you’d better move fast! has features like integrated SkyDrive where you can view and edit your documents and Image gallery from one place. Social media is integrated with Outlook so you can add contacts from your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Skype (coming soon.) You can interact and chat with friends from one place. My favorite feature is the newsletter and coupons handling: you can set options like “delete all my coupons and newsletter after 3 days”, or even “keep the latest email and delete the rest.” If you think about it, that’s a nice option, normally the older offers and newsletters are outdated when you receive a new one. By enabling this feature you keep your email clean. Check out this video showing the new built from scratch.


I’m on it . Try it out.


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  1. Jamie says:

    Just ensure you select the right country when you sign-up.  Otherwise you'll be stuck with a USA account when you're in the UK and unable to use the Windows Store…  And Microsoft Support will refuse to do anything to sort it.  Ahh.. the joys of a global company eh?

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