Windows 8 Update–New Hardware and events!

Windows 8 news keeps coming, new hardware, a developer camp, and free book!


Windows 8 Events in Canada

If you are interested in building a Windows 8 app, and you want some help learning the developer platform and some of the unique aspects of developing on the Windows 8 platform such as Share contracts, snap view, and app bars a Windows 8 camp is a great resource.




Free e-book for Windows 8 developers

If you don’t live near an event, or even if you just want some reference material for Win 8 development check out this free e-book


Microsoft announces new Windows 8 hardware

A new surface tablet was unveiled this week. Check out pictures learn more at or read the press release

App Excellence Labs

Lots of Canadian developers are in the app excellence labs already presenting their apps and fine tuning them for the Windows 8 store. It’s great to see some strong Canadian apps in the store already! Last night I introduced my kids to Tete a Claques on my Windows 8 slate. Now my kids want a Willy Waller 2006 (T’aime ca les patates?). If you are working on an app contact to find out how you can attend an app excellence lab and get your app into the store. Got your app around the 60-70% completed mark, you could even attend a remote lab next week! Get your app in the store early!

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