Imagine Cup Canada 2012 Winners! Changing the world!

Check out the amazing entries and winners of the Canadian 2012 Imagine Cup!

Wow! That’s the word that comes to mind when I think of the presentations I saw Monday at the Canadian finals. Congratulations to all the students who took the stage to talk about their solutions to help healthcare, the environment, and medical research. Your work was nothing less than inspiring!

For everyone who couldn't be there in person, enjoy this video sharing some of the highlights of what was truly an inspirational day and scroll down to find out about the Canadian winners!


I can’t possibly sum up the day in a single video or blog post, so you’ll be seeing a series of blog posts highlighting different aspects of the Imagine Cup. But I can sum it up in 2 words: Students rock! I think their work challenges the rest of us to raise the bar a little higher for ourselves.

Now without further ado, here are the results

Software Design

This category requires the use of Visual Studio and the .NET Framework plus one additional Microsoft technology such as Azure, Kinect, Windows Phone, Windows 8, or Windows Embedded. Teams may also integrate additional technologies into their solutions including non-Microsoft technologies to create their solutions. The winner of this category will represent Canada at the world finals in Australia.

First Place
Team Greeni- George Brown College
Team Greeni is tackling the challenge of climate change. Energy is wasted every day when office buildings leave on lights and fans to keep air circulating. Sure we have motion sensors in meeting rooms, but don’t sit still too long or the lights go out.
Using a Kinect sensor, light sensors, CO2 sensors, the Phidget library, some ingenuity and code running on Azure, they have created a sensor system that will determine when to turn fans and lights on and off. Controlled by sensor or by voice this system is already proven to save electricity in their lab at school. The voice control also makes it suitable for someone with a disability to control their environment.
IMG_4409-048Team Greeni (Dmitry Zhivotovsky, Alecsander Granger, Timur Sharaftinov, Vasily Gurin and mentor Leo Salemi)from George Brown College will represent Canada in Australia at the World Wide Finals.
Second Place
Team Nimbus - University of British Columbia

Black market drugs and overpriced drugs caused by drug company monopolies are making it difficult for citizens to access important drugs to treat even commonplace diseases like Malaria in many countries. Team Nimbus developed an ASP.NET MVC website, a Windows Phone application for remote access, and leveraged the power of Azure and Bing Web Services to implement a solution that would allow pharmaceutical companies to sell and ship their drugs to doctors around the world. This would create competition in monopolized markets and reduce drug costs and the need for the black market making essential drugs available and affordable to those in developing countries.
Team Nimbus (Pavel Islam, Caleb Ho, Matthew Park, Amin Ali) present their solution Global Pharmacy Connection
Third Place
Team D19 - McGill University
How do you get treatment to patients in rural villages in India? Doctors prefer to work in the cities, but that leaves a large portion of the population with no health care services.
Team D19 developed a Windows 8 application and a Windows Phone application that allows you to give minimal training to someone in a village to act as a Health Care Worker. Armed with a phone they can interview patients in villages and send information back to the doctor in the city who can suggest treatment. Abhijeet and Shravan will be travelling to India this summer for a pilot of their idea.
IMG_1469-011Team D19 (Abhijeet Kalyan and Shravan Narayan) present their solution to rural health care in India

Windows Phone Game Design

In this category students are limited to using a Windows Phone Game to help solve one of the world’s problems. The teams at this year’s finals did an amazing job trying to inspire and educate through their games

First Place
Team Project Beacon – Carleton University
Project Beacon built a Windows Phone Game called Breathe. The game premise is an astronaut who has returned to earth only to discover that pollution has destroyed our precious planet and he must solve puzzles to reduce the pollution before his oxygen runs out.
IMG_4422-050Team Project Beacon (Eva Demers-Brett, Curtis Field, Gar Lam, Clark McGillis and mentor Jean-Sylvain Sormany) celebrate first place in the Windows Phone game category
Second Place
Team Novarum – Carleton University
Many countries receive aid to try and feed the hungry, but getting that food to those who need it is harder than you would expect. Team Novarum built a game called Feed The People which reminds us of the challenges in getting food to those who need it.
IMG_1474-001Team Novarum (Ryan Bottriel, Zara Tooth, Skye Gagne and Matthew Fournier who couldn’t attend the finals mentored by Jean-Sylvain Sormany) present their game Feed The People.
Third Place
Team Phylo – McGill University
Imagine if solving a puzzle in a game actually helped genetic research! That’s the premise behind the game Phylo. One of the things humans still do better than computers is recognize patterns. Patterns are key to analyzing genetic sequences and identifying mutations. Phylo presents puzzles that represent actual genetic sequences and asks you to match the patterns. When players solve the puzzles their results can be sent back to the McGill bioinformatic department database analyzed and applied into active research.
Team Phylo (Chu Wu, Alfred Kam with help from David Becerra and mentored by Jerome Waldispuhl) present their game to the judges
Comments (3)

  1. Erenia Oliver says:

    Kudos to the BIT students (Carleton University)

    Way to go, Jean-Sylvain!

  2. Daniel says:

    when can i download those games!?

  3. Susan Ibach says:

    @Daniel, I've asked the teams to send me the links as soon as their games are published

    @Erenia – agreed, Jean-Sylvain mentoring two teams to the top 3!!!

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