Join the Microsoft Team, become a Microsoft Student Partner!

Become an MSP and bring technology and awesome opportunities to your campus! In this blog post I’ll explain what you need to do as an MSP and some of the great perks you get in return. So join now!


The Microsoft Student Partner (MSP) program can be summarized in the following 4 words: “We believe in you!”

For us, it is not about track records, it is all about passion. We want to see where your love for technology can take you. Of course we prefer people passionate about Microsoft technologies, but simply having the urge to find out more about them, regardless of whether you own an IPhone or an Android phone, is enough to get you in our MSP position.

We have great MSPs all over Canada, some are working with their faculties student society, others directly with teachers, some even have their own start ups. You could be one of them! We want to know how you can help! What are your strengths and how we can empower you so you can shine!

What is an MSP?

A MSP is the point of contact between students and Microsoft. They help other students find out about the initiatives we put in place such as Developer movement and Imagine Cup. If you like free stuff or helping the world make sure to check those two links out. This last semester we had March App Madness Hack-a-thons which were coordinated events across Canada to teach and then let students develop their own Windows Phone 7 Apps! All thanks to our MSPs. They organized the events, gave tutorials and helped guide the rest of the students in the development of their app.

We are always on the lookout for those highly energetic students that want to get involved with our technology! If you are one of them, apply now!

Wait there’s more!

The MSP position is not all about work. We have a line up of great rewards as a thank you for all the effort you put into it. For starters, MSP  get a full MSDN account. More than 5000$ value! (This convinced me when i joined. Nothing like Legal free software)

If that is not enough, read the title of this section again!


We want to help you Improve your career prospects. As a MSP, you are invited and engaged in most of our own and 3rd party conferences in your region. You will get to network with some of the top technology professionals and sometimes even with part of our leadership team. Recently, for instance, our MSPs in the Toronto region had the chance to sit down and chat in a round table with Microsoft Canada’s President Eric Gales. Every year brings new opportunities for you’ll get to take advantage of!

Furthermore, this September, we will be having an international MSP virtual Summit. Where MSPs will get training and knowledge on how to present effectively, how to develop for different platform, how to take advantage of the technologies we have and much more!

Remember that you will be directly engaging with Microsoft. Doing a great job as an MSP helps your chances of finding great opportunities!
Being in the front lines lets you touch all the latest technology as early as possible.

There are many other perks and goodies that you constantly receive from us. Join the team, get involved and get ready to shine!

Apply now!

Comments (23)

  1. sai goutham says:

    sir,how can i become a MSP????????????????????????????????????

  2. shivaraju says:

    what is msp how can i become a student partner

  3. Susan Ibach says:

    To become an MSP just apply at the Microsoft Student Partners website, we have MSP programs all around the world

  4. rishi says:

    i apply in msp but did not get any reply

  5. Susan Ibach says:

    @rishi – when did you submit your application? And to what country?

  6. I'm a Post Gradute but I really want to join MSP, can I? Please assist.

  7. Susan Ibach says:

    It varies from country to country, but some countries do accept graduate students as MSP. When you say post-graduate, if you mean you are working on your masters or PhD you may still want to apply. You can then discuss with your country rep if they accept students at your level into the program.

  8. santhosh anand says:

    hai how can i become msp ???????????

  9. Susan Ibach says:

    If you want to become an MSP, go to select the country where you want to apply and complete the application. Do read the application information for your country, some countries only accept applications at specific times of the year.

    Good luck!

  10. Shashank says:

    Sir, what are the requirements required to join with student partner ?

  11. Susan Ibach says:

    The requirements vary a bit from country to country and from year to year. I know in Canada some of the things we look for include: a passion for coding, a passion to learn more about Microsoft technologies, and an ability to do presentations and reach out to other students

  12. kum Abraham ihimbru says:

    I believe in hard work and excellency

  13. vimalkarthik says:

    how to join the microsoft student club

  14. Susan Ibach says:

    @vimalkarthik visit select the country where you are a student, and you will find information on how to apply. The process does vary a bit from country to country. Usually you can apply at that website, but just be aware that you may not be contacted right away because they may only do interviews at certain times of the year.

  15. pranjal says:

    what are the requirements to become an MSP for the year 2014 in India………Please help

  16. Susan Ibach says:

    @pranjal – If you visit the website and select India as the country, it says they will open for applications in July 2014.  So I would keep an eye on the student partner website and I expect they will open it up for applications soon.

  17. prakash says:

    how can i apply for examination…????

  18. Susan Ibach says:

    If you want to apply visit the website select the country where you are a student and you will find information on how to apply

  19. kalithsalman says:

    how,can i became a microsoft student partner? what are the steps to became MSP?

  20. sai nath goud says:

    sir please response me how can i become an M.S.P and it will be useful for me

  21. Susan Ibach says:

    Hello Sai,

    Every country has it's own approach to recruiting Microsoft Student Partners. Your best bet is always to visit select your country name and you should see information about how to apply.

    Hope that helps

  22. arshad says:

    Sir I am in btech 1 year …. When should I apply for msp … This year only or 2nd or 3rd year

  23. Susan Ibach says:

    I would suggest applying in 2nd year

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