The Windows Experience | McGill Students are making it to Microsoft


Read Henri-Charles Machalani’s interview on his recent hire as Program Manager at Microsoft and his experience through the interview.

First of all Henri, why Microsoft?

Growing up, I always wanted to create products that could change the world. I constantly questioned the status quo and looked for more efficient ways of doing things. Now, I’m continuously daydreaming about what the future will be like and I strongly believe that innovative technology can enhance society and our lives.

At Microsoft I will be part of a team that is defining the future and creating products that will impact the lives of billions of people. I will be joining the Windows team.

Why the Windows team? What draws you to it? 

As I mentioned earlier, my goal is to impact the world with products I help create. Windows has over 1.3 billion registered users. This means that as I help launch a new version of Windows, I will be impacting over 1/7th of humanity.

How many people can say that?

Another reason is that we are in the middle of a paradigm shift. We are moving towards touch-centric computing and this will involve drastic changes in the upcoming versions of Windows. I want to be part of this movement and help reimagine what the future of computing can be.

Let’s talk a bit about the process, how was the interview process?

Unlike other large companies, Microsoft’s interview process is discussion-oriented. Our discussions involved a mix of design problems, technical problems, past experience and interpersonal skills.

I went through five different interviewers and this included a lunch interview. I was interviewed in the offices of each interviewer, which allowed for a more relaxed atmosphere. My interviewers were kind and asked relevant questions to the PM role. Overall, my interview experience was smooth and enjoyable.

How do you see the prospect of moving to Seattle?

I’m actually excited to move to Seattle. I’ve heard great things about it and during my short visit there, the people around me were friendly. Another great thing is the warm temperature in comparison to my hometown (Montreal). I will definitely miss my friends in Montreal, but will visit them as often as possible.

How do you think you can leave an impact in the company?

By bringing new ideas that will help set Microsoft apart from the competition. By presenting a different point of view on how computing can be tailored with the user-experience in mind. By identifying problems that can be solved through technology and by bringing us closer to the future we dream of.

You can also be part of the revolution Microsoft is bringing with its technology.

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  1. It is encouraging to know we have our youth planning a better future for the world…way to go!

  2. Jay Machalani says:

    Congrats Hen! Bring all those great ideas with you!

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