EpCon 2 = Canadian Entrepreneurship Conference

EpCon 2 showcases great Canadian student entrepreneurship and ends with a blast of Windows Phone apps! The Microsoft team talked about the Canadian Imagine Cup, the Developer Movement and the experience of working at Microsoft.


Hey Epcon 2! Thanks for geeking out with us!

Thanks to the EpCon 2 organizers and attendees for putting on a fantastic conference! We loved the energy and enjoyed geeking out with you! Check out our video with Bobby Umar to hear what had to say about being at Epcon2.

And the winners of EnCode are…

Hat tip to those who developed a Windows Phone App at EnCode! Says Who is taking home the Xbox/Kinect bundles with Location Sender coming up as a very close runner up. Make sure to get these apps published so we can all enjoy them! Also, if you’re interested in Windows Phone development, making some money, or getting more awesome prizes join the Developer Movement – it’s simple and you can get started today!

Think you can change the world… enter Imagine Cup!

For those you who are eager to change the world – check out Imagine Cup, one of the world’s premiere technology competitions. Imagine Cup, is looking for students, like you, to help solve some of the world's toughest problems through technology.

Challenges surround us at every turn—from worldwide issues, like poverty and famine, to everyday local concerns, like traffic congestion and recycling. We're asking you to step up and make a difference, to do your best to tackle just one challenge using Microsoft technology.

In addition to the global categories, there are two local Canadian categories that you can enter in this year:

· Software Design (Deadline March 13)

· Windows Phone 7 Game Design (Deadline Feb 14)

Microsoft will bring the top three teams in each category to compete in the Canadian championships. The winner of the Software Design category in Canada, and the top 10 finalists in the Game Design category in the world, will compete in the worldwide Imagine Cup finals in Sydney, Australia.

If you and the team make it that far, you'll get the chance to garner international attention for your project, win prizes and grants to help you bring your idea to life. So what are you waiting for? Register now to change the world. Enter Imagine Cup!

That’s all for now! We’re looking forward to keeping in touch with you through Imagine Cup, and the Developer Movement!

For more information and to register for Imagine Cup

Imagine Cup Canada
Imagine Cup World Wide

For tools and information about developing for windows phone

Developer Movement – Free Phones, Xbox and Kinect for publishing phone apps
Microsoft DreamSpark – Free Software
App Hub - windows phone and xbox live games development

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