Microsoft Recruiting visits Carleton University

imageMicrosoft Student Partner Adam Wlotzki helped at a Microsoft recruiting event and shares the resources he discovered and the unexpected challenges of the evening.

I finally got to be a part of an event at Carleton University, where I am a student. What a crazy experience. Don’t let “crazy” give you the wrong impression, though. It was certainly fun, but a few major obstacles were in our way.

First, our room was double-booked. So there we are, set up in a classroom. The class is getting more populated by the second, and I begin to wonder if we even have enough room. Surprise surprise! Some people are there for the event, and some are there for their regular class. Oh boy. What to do now? Never fear. Let’s take about 100 people, led by Susan Ibach, and manoeuvre them through the hallways of Carleton University to find a spot to hold an event. Luckily, we found the atrium, and there happened to be chairs and tables off to the side. We grabbed chairs, spread them out, and we were on our way.

Not having any media devices since we didn’t have our room, Susan (pictured above) had to give her Windows Phone 7/Imagine Cup presentation without any visual tools. Key points for people interested:

Next we had two Microsoft employees speak: Heidi Dowling, a recruiter from Redmond, and Mark Staveley, who works on the Xbox gaming platform, also from Redmond.


Heidi had a lot of useful information for trying to get a job at Microsoft as a student. Check out the following:

  • -Find opportunities like new grad jobs and internships, and tons of other useful information for your job hunt.

Mark gave us a sense of what it’s like to work for Microsoft in a technical position. He gave some great advice. He tried to emphasize finding out what you are interested in. Do you like to build solutions from scratch? Then a software development position might be for you. Do you like to break things down, figure out how they work, and try to break them? Check out Software Development Tester if that’s the case. Do you like to have a vision and drive it to completion? Maybe a Program Manager position is for you. Mark had a lot of great tips, but I suppose the one that stuck with me was him saying “If it is to be, it is up to me.” That is advice anyone in any position can benefit from.

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