Wow! Seriously great rewards for publishing a Windows Phone App

Publish 1 quality phone app get a Kinect, or 1 TB hard drive, 2 apps could get you a $500 gift voucher or Xbox with Kinect!!!

Okay exams just ended, if you weren’t sure what to do during Christmas break, you need to check out this awesome promotion! It boils down to this: if you publish a quality app before May 20th, 2012 you can get cool stuff (go to the rewards tab to see your choices). If you publish 2 quality apps you can get even more cool stuff, and it just gets better!

If you think you can’t build a phone app, guess again, if you can code, you can build an app. Check out some great resources. Or join me on my phone app building journey blog series as I prepare to publish my first app.

Make efficient use of your time. Develop your app as an entry for imagine cup and/or do it as a project in a programming course.

What are you waiting for, stop reading, and get coding!

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