Sharing a Student Success Story

Just a short note because, aside from an urge to use alliteration, I wanted to share with you a cool success story.

Microsoft Game Studios just published a new game called Hasta La Muerte by Pohlm Studios. Why did I want to tell you about it? Because Frederic Pedro, from France, created Pohlm studios and I love his story! He was a Game Design finalist in the 2008 Imagine Cup (Ecological Tycoon), and a Microsoft Student Partner from January 2009 to September 2010 and he also mentored a team to first place in game design Geekologics (Brainergy). Pohlm is also a Bizspark startup, if any of you are graduating and thinking of starting your own busines, you should look into the Bizspark program to see if you qualify.

Now I think I need to find a few great Canadian student stories to share!


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