Everything you need for the school year and then some!

As we kick off a new school year I wanted to take a minute to introduce you to the amazing resources we have available to help you at school, and to help you prepare for your career after school.


Writing Code? Graphic Design? Building Web Pages? Need a database? Check out Dreamspark. The Dreamspark program allows you to download all sorts of fantastic software tools for free. These are the same tools used by professionals every day in the workplace. You can use them now to help you with school assignments or to develop your own applications on anything from Windows Phone to Kinect! Dreamspark has more than just links for downloads, it also helps you find learning videos, useful references to read, and labs you can complete to help you get rolling!


Have you checked out Windows Phone? It really is an amazing device and with the new features being released in the Windows Phone 7.5 Mango edition it just keeps getting better.  With the mango edition we now have a full internet browser, an integrated people hub that lets you integrate your Facebook, Phone contacts, and Twitter in a single location! You also get amazing messaging capability that will allow you to switch from your Windows Live to Text messages to Facebook messaging seamlessly! For developers Windows Phone is an incredible opportunity! The number of Windows Phone users is growing and the Windows Phone marketplace isn’t saturated yet, so its much easier to generate excitement and attention around great new apps. If you have never built a phone application before, it’s not as hard as you think and listing an application you published on a resume is a great topic to bring up with potential employers in an interview. If that weren’t enough you can even add paid advertising or charge for your phone application and make some money as well!


Proving to the world Students are the future! Imagine Cup is a competition that showcases students from around the world. Sometimes the problems of the world seem overwhelming, but if you break them down and look at the incredible capabilities of the technology around us, there are solutions! The Imagine Cup is a competition where students develop solutions to solve problems facing the real world. What would you build? A phone application that reads text out loud to help someone with a vision problem? An inventory system to help food banks inform the public of specific desperately needed supplies? What are you passionate about? How can technology help? Recruit a couple of friends and register for Imagine Cup! You could find yourself in Australia for the Imagine Cup 2012 finals!

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